Behind the
The story  behind Annaleas Interiors 
I'm Annalea, who founded Annaleas Interiors. Initially, I had a background in Psychology through achieving a First-Class Degree. 
Growing up, I always set my mission to help people. Whilst I could do this with Psychology, there was always a part of me that thought something was missing, and that my skillset and knowledge base could be applied to a more invigorating career path. I have found this through creatively  helping people actualise their interior design dreams.
I was always told, "do what makes you happy." What made me happy was moving my bedroom around as a child, drawing and transforming spaces. 
So I have combined the psychology of helping people with my love of creativity and taken a leap of faith. This lead me into commercial interior design, where I can help businesses reach their full potential and I have never looked back!
Seeing business owners happy and content in their spaces, and the process of the before and after transformation is extremely rewarding. 
As well as creating beautiful interiors, a big part of my ethos is that you enjoy working with me on your journey to your new space right from the start to the end. 
I hope you enjoy working with me as much as I will enjoy working with you!